I offer chess lessons to fit the needs of individual students or groups.

The current rate for new students is $120/h.

I am working almost within a full capacity, so when you call/e-mail about lessons, please indicate some choices regarding your schedule.

I have students from all over United States and gave already several lessons to people living overseas. Both of us connect to the internet, we have a chessboard on the screen and when one makes a move it instantly appears on another's screen. It is accompanied by instruction on the phone/Skype.

I usually start with student's games. It is very important to find out his or her typical mistakes. Then it's time to decide which material to present, which problems to give, and which books to recommend. One very important reminder: don't expect that one lesson will solve all your problems! I definitely will help you to improve your play, but you can't become a strong player if you don't work by yourself! This is where coach's help is especially important: to give a student a direction to work, to observe his or her chess and psychological problems and watch carefully the student's development. I've been studying chess for more than 40 years now, and still after every 2-3 months I can see changes in my play. I improve one part of my game, but suddenly something else is getting worse. For instance, few years ago I started to study games of Anatoly Karpov. Very soon I could feel that my positional understanding improved a great deal. However, I started to overestimate meaning of general principles and there were several games where I was punished for the lack of a concrete approach. So, I had to work with this problem as well, and this process never ends! The worst thing somebody can do is to repeat the same mistakes again and again!

I recently recorded videos about my lessons. Click here to view the videos part 1 and part 2 (Opens new browser for YouTube).

To contact Gregory Kaidanov, you can call him at 859.272.2025 or you can email him at